The Geocaching website can be found at

If you are looking for a local geocaching groups here in Ontario, check out the regional group page!

Geocachers often travel great distances for the thrill of the hunt --  many groups have participants from across the province (or planet!)

Below are a few helpful video clips from the Geocaching HQ folks!

Be sure to check out the Geocaching 101 page on the Geocaching website, also.

The Geocaching Blog also has great information - it is regularly updated and very informative.

There are entries that discuss geocache containers and the basics of geocaching.

There is also an article covering the unique Geocaching Licence Plates for Ontario drivers!

Geocaching graphic plates are available directly from your local Service Ontario office.

Hungry for more information? Want to hit the books?

"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Geocaching" is available online and from book retailers.

(Make sure you get the August 2012 or 3rd Edition as it has more recent and relevant information).

Of course, the folks at Geocaching HQ also have their Support Site available to help - take a look!

How did this "Geocaching" thing get started? Click here for the History of Geocaching!

New To Geocaching In Ontario?